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Puppet Workshops!

One of the best parts of the holiday season here at the museum each year are all of our extra (free with museum admission!) drop-in puppet-making workshops!  Join us this year to make your own gingerbread puppet, sock puppet, stick puppet, marionette, and finger puppet.  If you visited our studio over the Thanksgiving weekend you already got a taste of puppet-making, but don’t worry if you missed us last weekend; there are a number of upcoming workshops scheduled for December.

Here is a list of our upcoming puppet workshops in December:

(Please see the Drop-In page of this blog for a full listing of these and all of our other workshops.)

Gingerbread Puppets – Saturday 12/15, 5-8:30 (in conjunction with Noel Night)

TBD Puppet Workshop – Saturday 12/26, 12-4

Sock Puppets – Sunday 12/27, 12-4

Bug Puppets – Monday 12/28, 12-4

Tongue Depressor Stick Puppets – Tuesday 12/29, 12-4

Felt Marionette Puppets – Wednesday 12/30, 12-4

Model Magic Finger Puppets – Thursday 12/31, 12-4

We hope to see you for one or all of these fun workshops!


Papel Picado Drop-In Workshop

Now that we are back home in the museum, our Friday evening workshops are being held in our new Studio.  On Fridays from 6-9pm throughout the month of May, visitors to the museum are invited to stop by and create Papel Picado.  Papel Picado – Spanish for cut or perforated paper – is used in Mexican and Mexican-American communities to create colorful banners, flags and table cloths for Day of the Dead altars or for decorating during festivals and special occasions. 

Originally made with handmade paper from the amate tree, contemporary papel picado is most often made using tissue paper, metallic paper, or plastic.  Artists study for many years to learn the techniques of making Papel Picado.  At one time, the designs were cut out of each piece of paper using scissors.  Today sharp chisels are used to cut through many layers of paper at once. 

Below is an image of a traditional Papel Picado.  In our workshop visitors can create their own unique Papel Picado to take home. 


We’ve moved back into the museum!

We’re so happy to be moved into our amazing new studio in the museum!  If you’ve taken a class with us in the past several years, you’ve visited us in our old studio across the street from the museum.  Since some of the museum’s art collection was stored in the space that was to be our new studio, we had to wait until the grand re-opening of the museum to begin to build it.  It’s finished now and is located in the beautiful new Wayne and Joan Webber Education Wing on the John R. side of the museum.  Come and visit!

Here’s an image in our new studio of artist instructor and Studio Manager Eric Gill re-building the shelves we use to store clay projects while they are drying.

Picture 012

Here’s a sneak peek of an almost-unpacked classroom at the end of the day.