Drop-In Puppet Workshops

Holiday Week Puppets

Visit the museum any day this week between noon and 4pm and make a different puppet in our art studio!  All workshops are free with museum admission.

12/26 – Tongue Depressor Puppet
Use a tongue depressor, felt, fabric and googley eyes to make a simple puppet.

12/27 – Felt Spider or Snake Marionette
Use ribbon, felt and a tongue depressor to create a simple marionette.

12/28 – Rod Bug Puppet
Create fantastic bug puppets on a stick using foam core, markers, beads and pipe cleaners.

12/29 – Glove Finger Puppets
Use a finger from a glove along with felt, fabric, yarn and markers to create a one-of-kind finger puppet.

12/30 – Model Magic Pencil Puppet
Create your own puppet character from self-hardening clay, beads and wire.

12/31 – Sock Puppets
Turn an ordinary sock into a fabulous puppet when you use felt, yarn, beads, buttons and googley eyes.


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