Cristo Rey Mural Collaboration

Cristo ReyFor the past several months, DIA Art Studio instructor and artist Vito Valdez has been working with 14 9th-grade students at Cristo Rey – a new Catholic high school on the SW side of Detroit – on a collaborative mural project.  The mural is now finished and will be installed in their school before the Fall semester begins.  Vito was really impressed with the dedication of the students and their beautiful work on the mural. 

This project was made possible by a generous contribution from the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.


One response to “Cristo Rey Mural Collaboration

  1. Dr. Wayne T. Fisk

    Bravo! Another “Valdez” contribution to the SW side of Detroit! I first became aware of your art by photographing the Stain Glass windows at St. Anne’s Catholic church! And by accident I saw two of your Wall Paintings at the intersection of St. Anne and Bagly. I’d love to photograph your work (non-profit) and see more of your outstanding work!

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