Papel Picado Drop-In Workshop

Now that we are back home in the museum, our Friday evening workshops are being held in our new Studio.  On Fridays from 6-9pm throughout the month of May, visitors to the museum are invited to stop by and create Papel Picado.  Papel Picado – Spanish for cut or perforated paper – is used in Mexican and Mexican-American communities to create colorful banners, flags and table cloths for Day of the Dead altars or for decorating during festivals and special occasions. 

Originally made with handmade paper from the amate tree, contemporary papel picado is most often made using tissue paper, metallic paper, or plastic.  Artists study for many years to learn the techniques of making Papel Picado.  At one time, the designs were cut out of each piece of paper using scissors.  Today sharp chisels are used to cut through many layers of paper at once. 

Below is an image of a traditional Papel Picado.  In our workshop visitors can create their own unique Papel Picado to take home. 


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